Welcome i-esa 2012

interoperability for enterprise SYSTEMS and applications
"Shaping Enterprise Interoperability in Future Internet"

Pre-conference March 20th-21st 2012
Conference March 22nd-23rd 2012


I-ESA’12 (Interoperability for Enterprise Systems and Applications) carries on from the five previous successful experiences of I-ESA'05, organized in Geneva in February 2005; I-ESA'06, organised in March 2006 in Bordeaux; I-ESA'07, organised in March 2007 in Funchal; I-ESA'08, organized in March 2008 in Berlin; I-ESA'09, organized in April 2009 in Beijing and I-ESA'10 organized in April in Coventry.

The I-ESA’12 Conference is being organized by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and the Virtual Laboratory for Enterprise Interoperability, sponsored by the International Federation for Information Processing and the International Federation of Automatic Control and with the collaboration of AIDIMA.

Interoperability in the context of enterprise applications is the ability of a system or a product to work with other systems or products without special effort from the customer or user. The capability to interact and exchange information both internally and with external organisations (partners, suppliers, customers) is a key issue in the economic sector. It is fundamental in order to produce goods and services quickly and at lower cost, while ensuring higher levels of quality and customisation.

Raul Poler, I-ESA'12 General Conference Chair
Deputy Director. CIGIP, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, ES
Guy Doumeingts, I-ESA'12 General Conference Co-Chair
General Manager. INTEROP-VLab, BE


Today, companies maximise flexibility and speed of response to changing market conditions, by focusing on core innovation and information centred activities, outsourcing capital and labour intensive activities to less advanced economies. They develop knowledge and links with other companies with which they can collaborate to provide the products and services that the market demands – the networked enterprise, or virtual organisation. Successful enterprises in this knowledge economy may be small, but are highly productive, focussed on innovation and capable of flexibly and rapidly sharing information and knowledge to participate in highly competitive networked enterprises. The issue of interoperability within the enterprise is therefore no longer limited to the interoperability between silos of systems within single companies, but has become one of interoperability throughout a value chain.

I-ESA brings together the world’s leading researchers and practitioners in the area of enterprise interoperability, and it is a unique forum for the exchange of visions, ideas, research results and industrial experiences, dealing with a wealth of interoperability research subjects for business, enterprise applications and software.

The industry will find at I-ESA’12 an outstanding opportunity to exchange experience and problems on business interoperability in their daily operations. I-ESA series of conferences have become a forum where industry and research worlds meet and share experience, ideas and problems on different interoperability aspects. In the I-ESA 12 arena the industry will point out the difficulties encountered in their business life and show the way taken to solve those problems while interrelate with other organizations sharing experience. The industry will be able to meet interoperability experts and learn from them about emerging new solutions and even establish relationships for further research and development and problem solving.

I-ESA´12 is certainly "the event" for those who want to know the future, the forefront of research and the industry expertise/viewpoint in this very important domain of Enterprise Interoperability.